Stade Olympique

Montreal's Olympic stadium made in Blender.

2016 was the 40th aniversary of the Stade Olympique and I wanted to model it for Cities Skyline which I played a lot on my lunch time at work back in march. However, I realized this stadium was way too big to fit inside the max size area for a Cities Skyline building and I also had some technical difficulties with texturing. That's why I decided to not make it for the game but just for fun. I wanted to give an architect model feel to it. However, I moved on to doing other things on my lunch breaks and until now, my coworker would often ask : hey, did you finish your Stade Olympique? So, on my last day of work at Edoki Academy, just before Christmas, I gave him the printed and framed version of this and we hanged it on the wall above my now empty desk.