Ludum Dare 44

"You are the piggy bank. Without coins, you are nothing. Your life is currency.

Help little piggy get its dignity back and its coin belly full by using your stealth skills to find a security breach and reach the humans’ bank vault!"

Title: Hammed Robbery
Type: Stealth
Scope: Game Jam, Ludum Dare 44 (April 26 to April 28 2019)
Game Jam Theme: Your life is currency
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (3D artist and cutscene animator), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (programmer and narrative designer). I worked on the 3D models, textures, lighting, Cinemachine cutscenes, post processing effects and the main menu.

Global Game Jam 2019

"Follow the story of Uchi the snail as he grows out of his shell trying to find his place in the world. Spiraling Out is a narrative driven story where the gameplay style changes as our snaily friend evolves and explores the theme of sense of belonging in a lighthearted and humoristic way."

Title: Spiraling Out
Type: Narrative adventure
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2019 (January 25 to January 27 2019)
Game Jam Theme: What Home Means to You
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (narrative designer and voice actor), Olivier Bolduc (3D/2D artist), Rachel D’Amours (3D/texture artist). I worked on the snail gameplay, the race gameplay, the voice over system, camera effects using Cinemachine, post-processing effects, UI and cutscenes.
Prizes: First place: jury's choice!

Concordia Jam 2018

"Love knows no bounds. In a world divided - mechs versus bios - an unlikely union between the two factions developed. Seen as an abomination, the players are bio-mech hybrids who just want to protect their home. Defend the Heart of your home from the unlikely alliance of mechs and bios!"

Title: Bio-Mech Love War
Type: Local co-op shoot 'em up
Scope: Game Jam, Concordia Game Jam 2018 (May 19 to May 20 2018)
Game Jam Theme: Unlikely Friends
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Kevin McNally-Gagnon (programmer), Richard Rail (programmer), Jeremy Dumouchel (artist and musician), Samanthan Lhoir (artist), Travis Martin (designer). I worked on programming the enemies, the UI and the game loop.
Prizes: Best Game (First Prize)

Paper Lunch

"PAPER LUNCH has opened and paper people are hungry! Get ready, pack a lunch or two... or thousands!"

Title: Paper Lunch
Type: Match 3 / Idle game
Scope: Part time solo project (June 2017 to March 2018)
Engine: Unity3D

Global Gam Jam 2018

"Hey human! You have been selected to play the intergalactic games on Planet X! You must be so excited! So here's the rules. You have to reach the end of the maze but be careful, you will need to cooperate with your friend in order to succeed so you can ride the ship to return home. You can exchange items with the X and Y buttons and use those items with the A and B buttons. The whole galaxy is looking at you! Good luck!"

Title: Transmission From Planet X
Type: Local co-op hack and slash puzzler
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2018 (January 26 to January 28 2018)
Game Jam Theme: Transmission
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (programmer), Léa Tabary (2d artist), Jonathan Lefaucheur (3d artist). I worked on the level design, the puzzles, the UI and the cutscenes.
Prizes: First place: jury's choice!

Jam Nation at Montreal Casino

"Canopia is a spectacular, multiplayer game where four Blobkins must join forces to cleanse their enchanted forest of evil forces. One cannot do it alone, but there is "Strength in Unity" and working together is the only way to achieve your goals."

Title: Canopia
Type: Local co-op platformer
Scope: Game Jam, Jam Nation at Montreal Casino with the Outerminds Alpha team (November 10 to November 12 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Strength in Unity
Game Jam Constraints: Multiplayer and Spectacular
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Rémi Lavoie (programmer), Jean-Baptiste Lai (programmer), Chloé Brodeur (artist), Samantha Lhoir (artist), Élodie Marcillac (artist)
Contribution: I worked on character movements, character merge and demerge, UI, cutscenes and input manager
Prizes: Finished second out of 15 teams just behind the other Outerminds team! We also got the art award and the theme interpretation award!

Jam Nation at Montreal Comiccon

"Mecha Super Nova is a classic tale of father and son bonding and a pastiche of Japanese and American culture. A young boy must not only prove himself to his father but to the world showcasing his piloting skills at the helm of the world’s leading edge mechanized super weapon known as “Mecha”. The lucky ones will be able to accomplish their mission by using a state of the art custom controller built by our talented team of engineers during this Jam Nation Event.  Godspeed and may you become the next MECHA SUPER NOVA CHAMPION!"

Title: Mecha Super Nova
Type: Arcade with custom made controller
Scope: Game Jam, Jam Nation at Montreal Comic Con (July 7 to July 9 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Rite of passage
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Nicolas Brunet-Messier (programmer), Jean-Baptiste Lai (programmer), Stephanie Blais (artist), Jeremy Dumouchel (sound artist), Guiz de Pessemier (electrical engineer)
Contribution: I worked on the player abilities, the enemies, the UI.
Prizes: First prize out of 15 teams, public choice award and audio award!

Guiz went to the store and bought buttons, wires and cables to build our very own controller. You only have three power cables for your 5 abilities, manage them wisely!

Ludum Dare 38

"Alter a groundhog day-like universe to save yourself from an alien-invading-timeline-collapsing-paradox by controlling the very essence of matter itself."

Title: Orbis
Type: Simulation
Scope: Game Jam, Ludum Dare 38 (April 21 to April 23 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Small World
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Richard Rail (programmer), Kevin McNally-Gagnon (programmer), Sylvain Savard (artist)
Contribution: I worked on the special abilities menu wheel, zoom, wind, rain and fire abilities, walking creatures around the planet, growing trees, boss defeating, main menu, pause menu and game over menu.

Global Game Jam 2017

"Home Frequency is an horror adventure game made during Global Game Jam 2017."

Title: Home Frequency
Type: Adventure
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2017 (January 20 to January 22 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Wave
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (game designer), Léa Tabary (artist)
Contribution: I mainly worked on mini-games mechanics, character controls and environmental events while the other programmer worked on dialogue and scenario integration.
Prizes: Finished second out of 10 teams.

BBQ Fish

"Save a fish from your neighbor's BBQ!"

Title: BBQ Fish
Type: Platformer/Arcade
Scope: 6 months part time project (January 2016 to June 2016)
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Léa Tabary (artist)
Contribution: I did all the programming, the UI design and the level integration.

UQAT Game Jam 2016

"3010 : An Office Space Odyssey is a two player collaborative online puzzle/escape game."

Title: 3010, An Office Space Odyssey
Type: Online co-op puzzle/escape game
Scope: Game Jam, UQAT Game Jam 2016 with the Edoki Academy team (March 25 to March 27 2016)
Game Jam Theme: Alone in the world (Seul au monde)
Game Jam Constraints: Add duck sounds and upside-down
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (programmer), Robert Elliott Martineau (artist)
Contribution: I worked on the online features, puzzle mechanism, the intro and lobby scenes.
Prizes: Out of a dozen team, we won the first prize : the design award! We also finished second in constraints compliance and in technical features, only beaten by a team who crafted their own custom controller!

Global Game Jam 2016

"Action ! Cooperation ! Treason ! Particles ! --- Three summoners cooperate and perform a series of rituals to reach then invoke the Lord of Hell himself. Cooperate with two friends to use the right incantation, stand on runes to activate them, run around your partners in crime, and... sacrifice some stray cat in your summoning circle ? Beware the meeting with the Lord of Hell.."

Title: One Hell of a Trio
Type: Local co-op action game
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2016 (January 29 to February 1 2016)
Game Jam Theme: Ritual
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Léa Tabary (2d artist), Vincent Fliniaux (sound designer) and two other programmers. I worked on the gameplay elements and the UI.

Flame Run

"Flame Run is a simple iOS and Android Flappy Bird like game I made with an Australian game artist, Carl Kent. He was looking for a programmer on an online forum so I went ahead and helped him turn his game idea to life."

Title: Flame Run
Type: Endless Runner
Scope: Part Time Personal Project (September 2014 to January 2015)
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Carl Kent (artist)
Contribution: I worked on the gameplay, UI, in-app pruchase and ads.

Jotun Prototype

When I graduated, I took the summer for traveling and working on small games on my own before actually looking for a job. One day, I saw the Kickstarter for Jotun. It said that the game was to be made in Montréal and that they didn't have a programmer yet. So I took my chance and wrote to Will Dubé, the project owner. He liked how I was interested so we met and I proposed him to make a prototype so he could show gameplay before the end of the campaign. I put together a quick build in a couple of hours. With a friend, he recorded a play session and added sound effects. Here's the result!

I was dreaming and hoping to be hired as the programmer for the rest of the project but after the successful Kickstarter campaign, Will chose to go with his friend, a programmer he had already worked with in the past. I was sad but understood. I was freshly graduated at the time and he had known the other guy for longer. A few months later, he proposed me to join the team but I was already happy with my job at Edoki Academy.

Safe Trip or Not

"Safe Trip or not is an Android phone and tablet version of a classic card game. I can't say which because I had an old website taken down because I named it! Strangely but luckily, they never asked me to remove the game from Google Play but my little web page bothered them.

This the very first game I completed all by myself. I made it in Java with the LibGDX game library along with an home made Java server for the multiplayer online mode. First released in may 2012, the online mode was made available in an update in February 2013.

The game has over 90 000 downloads and an average rating of 4.6/5 stars."

Title: Safe Trip or Not
Type: Card Game
Scope: Part Time Personal Project (September 2011 to September 2013)
Engine: LibGDX (Java client) with a Java socket server
Team: Alex Massé
Contribution: I worked on the game client, the game logic, the UI, the server, everything! I kept supporting the game for two years, responding to user feedback. A Spanish speaking fan also offered and translated the game!