Global Game Jam 2016

"Action ! Cooperation ! Treason ! Particles ! --- Three summoners cooperate and perform a series of rituals to reach then invoke the Lord of Hell himself. Cooperate with two friends to use the right incantation, stand on runes to activate them, run around your partners in crime, and... sacrifice some stray cat in your summoning circle ? Beware the meeting with the Lord of Hell.."

Title: One Hell of a Trio
Type: Local co-op action game
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2016 (January 29 to February 1 2016)
Game Jam Theme: Ritual
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Léa Tabary (2d artist), Vincent Fliniaux (sound designer) and two other programmers. I worked on the gameplay elements and the UI.