Jam Nation at Montreal Comiccon

"Mecha Super Nova is a classic tale of father and son bonding and a pastiche of Japanese and American culture. A young boy must not only prove himself to his father but to the world showcasing his piloting skills at the helm of the world’s leading edge mechanized super weapon known as “Mecha”. The lucky ones will be able to accomplish their mission by using a state of the art custom controller built by our talented team of engineers during this Jam Nation Event.  Godspeed and may you become the next MECHA SUPER NOVA CHAMPION!"

Title: Mecha Super Nova
Type: Arcade with custom made controller
Scope: Game Jam, Jam Nation at Montreal Comic Con (July 7 to July 9 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Rite of passage
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Nicolas Brunet-Messier (programmer), Jean-Baptiste Lai (programmer), Stephanie Blais (artist), Jeremy Dumouchel (sound artist), Guiz de Pessemier (electrical engineer)
Contribution: I worked on the player abilities, the enemies, the UI.
Prizes: First prize out of 15 teams, public choice award and audio award!

Guiz went to the store and bought buttons, wires and cables to build our very own controller. You only have three power cables for your 5 abilities, manage them wisely!