Jam Nation at Montreal Casino

"Canopia is a spectacular, multiplayer game where four Blobkins must join forces to cleanse their enchanted forest of evil forces. One cannot do it alone, but there is "Strength in Unity" and working together is the only way to achieve your goals."

Title: Canopia
Type: Local co-op platformer
Scope: Game Jam, Jam Nation at Montreal Casino with the Outerminds Alpha team (November 10 to November 12 2017)
Game Jam Theme: Strength in Unity
Game Jam Constraints: Multiplayer and Spectacular
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Rémi Lavoie (programmer), Jean-Baptiste Lai (programmer), Chloé Brodeur (artist), Samantha Lhoir (artist), Élodie Marcillac (artist)
Contribution: I worked on character movements, character merge and demerge, UI, cutscenes and input manager
Prizes: Finished second out of 15 teams just behind the other Outerminds team! We also got the art award and the theme interpretation award!