Jotun Prototype

When I graduated, I took the summer for traveling and working on small games on my own before actually looking for a job. One day, I saw the Kickstarter for Jotun. It said that the game was to be made in Montréal and that they didn't have a programmer yet. So I took my chance and wrote to Will Dubé, the project owner. He liked how I was interested so we met and I proposed him to make a prototype so he could show gameplay before the end of the campaign. I put together a quick build in a couple of hours. With a friend, he recorded a play session and added sound effects. Here's the result!

I was dreaming and hoping to be hired as the programmer for the rest of the project but after the successful Kickstarter campaign, Will chose to go with his friend, a programmer he had already worked with in the past. I was sad but understood. I was freshly graduated at the time and he had known the other guy for longer. A few months later, he proposed me to join the team but I was already happy with my job at Edoki Academy.