Safe Trip or Not

"Safe Trip or not is an Android phone and tablet version of a classic card game. I can't say which because I had an old website taken down because I named it! Strangely but luckily, they never asked me to remove the game from Google Play but my little web page bothered them.

This the very first game I completed all by myself. I made it in Java with the LibGDX game library along with an home made Java server for the multiplayer online mode. First released in may 2012, the online mode was made available in an update in February 2013.

The game has over 90 000 downloads and an average rating of 4.6/5 stars."

Title: Safe Trip or Not
Type: Card Game
Scope: Part Time Personal Project (September 2011 to September 2013)
Engine: LibGDX (Java client) with a Java socket server
Team: Alex Massé
Contribution: I worked on the game client, the game logic, the UI, the server, everything! I kept supporting the game for two years, responding to user feedback. A Spanish speaking fan also offered and translated the game!