Global Gam Jam 2018

"Hey human! You have been selected to play the intergalactic games on Planet X! You must be so excited! So here's the rules. You have to reach the end of the maze but be careful, you will need to cooperate with your friend in order to succeed so you can ride the ship to return home. You can exchange items with the X and Y buttons and use those items with the A and B buttons. The whole galaxy is looking at you! Good luck!"

Title: Transmission From Planet X
Type: Local co-op hack and slash puzzler
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2018 (January 26 to January 28 2018)
Game Jam Theme: Transmission
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (programmer), Léa Tabary (2d artist), Jonathan Lefaucheur (3d artist). I worked on the level design, the puzzles, the UI and the cutscenes.
Prizes: First place: jury's choice!