Concordia Jam 2018

"Love knows no bounds. In a world divided - mechs versus bios - an unlikely union between the two factions developed. Seen as an abomination, the players are bio-mech hybrids who just want to protect their home. Defend the Heart of your home from the unlikely alliance of mechs and bios!"

Title: Bio-Mech Love War
Type: Local co-op shoot 'em up
Scope: Game Jam, Concordia Game Jam 2018 (May 19 to May 20 2018)
Game Jam Theme: Unlikely Friends
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Kevin McNally-Gagnon (programmer), Richard Rail (programmer), Jeremy Dumouchel (artist and musician), Samanthan Lhoir (artist), Travis Martin (designer). I worked on programming the enemies, the UI and the game loop.
Prizes: Best Game (First Prize)