Global Game Jam 2019

"Follow the story of Uchi the snail as he grows out of his shell trying to find his place in the world. Spiraling Out is a narrative driven story where the gameplay style changes as our snaily friend evolves and explores the theme of sense of belonging in a lighthearted and humoristic way."

Title: Spiraling Out
Type: Narrative adventure
Scope: Game Jam, Global Game Jam 2019 (January 25 to January 27 2019)
Game Jam Theme: What Home Means to You
Engine: Unity3D
Team: Alex Massé (programmer), Jérémie Tessier (programmer), Philippe Rosa-Pong (narrative designer and voice actor), Olivier Bolduc (3D/2D artist), Rachel D’Amours (3D/texture artist). I worked on the snail gameplay, the race gameplay, the voice over system, camera effects using Cinemachine, post-processing effects, UI and cutscenes.
Prizes: First place: jury's choice!